610 3rd Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

WE ARE OPEN! as of 10/11

WE ARE OPEN! as of 10/11


We will NOT charge people in need, people w/ no money, or first responders for food today. We’ll use the honor system. If you need it and we have it, you’ll get it. Just ask. We can’t legally give away free beer, but we can/will offer “Hoppy Hour” beer prices all day/night to everyone. Everyone deserves a break.
We have water – available to everyone. We have electricity, plug outlets, bathrooms, ice (right now)- all available to everyone – but ice may run out fast. We have 7 big screen t.v.’s which will be used based on customer demand – we anticipate 60% news/40% baseball – sorry baseball fans- its a good place to stay informed (or take a break from the news) even if just for an hour or two. We’re happy to help out the community in any way we can. Please keep in mind that many of us have been severely impacted – so we are short staffed- we’ll do our best…

If you call, remember that we are short staffed- if we don’t get to you’re call, it may just be bc we are short handed.

Sorry not to get this message out on the website until the PM- its been a bumpy ride… we are posting faster updates on FB but we’ll try to get the word out in both platforms.

Stay informed and stay safe! If you can, stay off the roads until the fire is contained.

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