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Third Street Aleworks Breaks into The Sacramento Market

Third Street Aleworks Breaks into The Sacramento Market

As COVID-19 has disrupted many small business, we’ve had to adapt, pivot, and change our business models to survive this pandemic. At Third Street Aleworks, we started by creating a grocery box program by partnering with our local purveyors (Andy’s Produce Market, Golden Gate Wine Country Meats, Franco American Bakery & Dairy Delivery) to bring Sonoma County’s local, and high quality foods—the very ingredients we use in our kitchen—to our community, in one convenient place!

As the pandemic has continued to be problematic for small businesses, especially the hospitality industry, Aleworks being a restaurant and brewery, we had to continue evolving our business model to keep our doors open.

With the mandate of bars having to close, selling draft in house, and kegs into the market has become abysmal, breweries have had to shift to packaging more beer and expanding their accounts/markets. At 3SAW, we sat down and formulated our plan of what beers we wanted to craft, what markets we wanted to move into, and how to execute our plan.

Prior to the pandemic, we had brought Joe Medeiros onto our wholesale/distribution team. Medeiros is a long time friend—from our high school days and soccer fields—bringing immense sales experience, as well as passion and knowledge for craft beer.

“While growing up in Sonoma County, I drank some of the best beers the world’s breweries had to offer. When I’m not snowboarding in the winter or going to music festivals in the summer, you can find me at a local brewery, in the backyard with my wife and dogs, or watching The Office from start to finish for the 89th time. I look forward to expanding 3SAW’s brand and beers to a new territory in Sac. If I’m not selling beers, I’m certainly thinking about when I’m drinking my next one!”

—Joe Medeiros
Joe Medeiros

We are proud to welcome Joe to our team as our Sales Rep and Beer Monger for the Greater Sacramento Area. As we’ve ramped up production and shifted to canning more beer than in the past, we’ve reactivated Joe for the region and couldn’t be more proud of his success and the welcoming love we’ve received from Sacramento! To show our appreciation, we crafted a limited release just for Sacramento, a Kveik Hazy IPA called Hopramento! That’s right, this limited release can only be found in Sacramento.

Hopramento Can Art
Beer Finder – Sacramento Accounts

Hopramento and all Third Street Aleworks cans and draft can be found using our beer finder here. Don’t see us in your favorite/local watering-hole or corner bodega, let us know where you’d like to see us!

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