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The Trend of Growing Breweries in Santa Rosa and Across the Country

The Trend of Growing Breweries in Santa Rosa and Across the Country

When you examine the trend of craft brewing, you’ll find that companies across the country are expanding significantly. The trend is partly the result of the high demand for new beer flavors and options and also partly the result of the dissemination of knowledge on beer making. Our team at Third Street Ale represents one of the leading breweries in Santa Rosa, and within this latest post, we’re looking at several breweries now expanding across the country.

Sierra Nevada

One of the fastest growing brewing companies in the country, Sierra Nevada is known for its pale ale, but it is now investing in a new range of brewing options, including a high-quality porter that’s receiving rave reviews.

Pyramid Breweries, Inc.

Pyramid Breweries, Inc. is a young company that began in 1994 and has been immensely successful due to its creative brewing process. The process has led to the formation of popular beer options such as their Apricot Ale, for example. It also have restaurants and brewhouses throughout Washington State.

Magic Hat Brewing

Magic Hat Brewing is a leading company now offering seasonal brews throughout the year. Its #9 beer is largely considered the most popular within the company’s ranging selection.

Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon is located in Boston, MA and sponsors beer festivals across the city. Perhaps its most popular beer option is their Munich Dark, which is a classic-tasting stout that has fans from across the country.

Choosing a Brewery to Visit

Now that you know a little more about the leading breweries across the country, it’s time to choose one venue to visit. Why not start your tour of U.S. breweries right here in Santa Rosa at the Third Street Aleworks. Our team will be happy to guide you through the various beverages we produce and help you to create that ideal visit. In addition to our brewery, we also offer access to a family restaurant in which award-winning chefs craft delicious options for all tastes. Book your visit to one of the top breweries in Santa Rosa today!


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