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The Latest Beer Styles on Offer at Breweries in Santa Rosa

The Latest Beer Styles on Offer at Breweries in Santa Rosa

Are you considering touring in breweries in Santa Rosa this summer with your friends? Why not take some time to learn more about the latest beer styles before your trip? This post will serve as your introduction to the Santa Rosa beer selection.

  • Pale ales

Pale ales are crafted with a mild and unobtrusive malt base that lends the drink a mild sweetness. The pale ale flavoring allows the hops within the beer to shine through, which has helped beer makers to create several delicious signature pale ales in recent years.

  • Amber ales

Amber ales provide an insight into the color of the beer and its flavor profile. They usually exhibit a mild sweetness that features toasted caramel flavor notes. The hop character varies greatly in amber ales, but you can expect different levels of sweetness depending on the brewing process.

  • Porters

Porters are darker than most other beers and take on a brown, near-black coloring. Usually, porters are known for dessert style flavoring and combine notes of coffee, caramel, and chocolate in their various forms.

  • Stouts

Many confuse porters and stouts. Stouts are the darker, richer version of the porter. Stouts also have heavier flavor profiles than porters and usually feature one main taste, whether it’s coffee or caramel or any other rich flavor. They’re a great first choice when visiting breweries in Santa Rosa.

  • Wheat ales

Generally referring to lighter bodied beers that aren’t as yeasty as other beers with wheat in them, wheat ales are known for their lively taste. They often have citrusy notes that blend well with their light body.

  • Belgian whites

Belgian whites increase the flavor palette offered by wheat ales and deliver a unique profile. They have a deep and complex body accentuated with rich spices.

  • Bitters

Beers with a noted hop character rather than a milder flavor are called bitters. Bitters tend to be more coppery in color compared with pale ales and combine strong malts with deep hopes to deliver a nuanced yet classic taste.

When booking your trip to breweries in Santa Rosa, make sure you consider tasting all the options available! Our team at Third Street Aleworks offers a unique brewery experience for all guests. To learn more about our venue, call today!


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