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Meet The Zester!

Meet The Zester!

The brewers broke out the zester once again in order to brew a new batch of “Grapefruit Puddle Jumper” – looking to be on tap around August 7-12. If you’re a fan, please check in with us by checking the “on tap” page of our website or calling in (707-523-3060)…

People sometimes ask me: “hey, what is the advantage of being a small, independently owned brewery.”  And the answer (by way of metaphor) is this: take a look at our zester. It might not be the slickest gadget on the planet, but it’s really extremely cool. Look at the zester in action- look at this photo closely- it’s not ripping into the nasty, bitter, mealy white part of the fruit- no way! it’s just caressing the absolute outermost layer of the peel – literally gliding across that luscious lip puckering orb like an olympic ice skater… skimming off only the most zesty of the grapefruit epidermis like an eager but steady-handed lover shaving her beloveds’ prickly neck beard for the very first time. OK – sure- it’s just a zester. Or is it? Here’s the deal: when you’re a small independent brewery and you want to start incorporating a zester, you just do it. You don’t have to run it up the line or get approval from the board of directors to start using a zester- you just get online or find a nearby pawnshop, you buy the damn zester and start effing zesting! Mic drop. That’s how we do it. What’s that smell? Is that that the small of grapefruit? Or is that the smell of freedom? Hard to say… When you’re a small independent brewery you also have the freedom to choose the best looking grapefruits known to man. You can buy your grapefruits from an honest to goodness roadside fruit stand or some hoity toity farmers market if you want to! And guess what? since you’re hands on, you can dollars to donuts bet that your gonna notice it if some funky splotchy lookin’ grapefruit makes it up on that zester! Sure- impossible to imagine- bc your paper wrapped, non-corporate, bespoke grapefruits are awesome- but if (in some alternative universe) it was ever to happen, you’d notice it immediately and you’d swat that weird looking grapefruit off your zester like a pigeon dropping a deuce on your birthday cake bc there is no way on god’s green earth that even one funky, splotchy, lumpy, or frumpy-dumpy looking grapefruit is ever going to have the honor of getting a shave from YOUR zester.

So yeah, look for our “Grapefruit Puddle Jumper Pale Ale” to come online around the second week of August- it’s really good.

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