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Elaborating the History of Craft Beer

Elaborating the History of Craft Beer

By the late 1970s, the history of craft brewing saw a significant change and started to emerge in the brewing landscape of America. The different traditions and styles that immigrants from all over the world brought over were disappearing. Bars and store shelves carried only light lager, and imported beer did not have a strong presence in the marketplace. With highly effective marketing campaigns, beer companies had changed the beer preference of Americans to light-adjunct beer. Soon, low-calorie light lager beers began to drive and shape the nature and growth of the beer industry in America, even to this day. If you are looking for great craft beer in California, you should know that the best brewpubs in Santa Rosa have what you need!

The Beginning of the Grassroots Homebrewing Culture in America

When the American brewing landscape began to shrink in size and taste, there was an emergence of a grassroots homebrewing culture. This culture began to thrive because people in America realized that making beer themselves was the only way that they could experience and enjoy other countries’ beer traditions and styles. It was these homebrewing roots that gave way to what is famously known as the “craft brewing” industry.

In 1976, a homebrew enthusiast in Sonoma County founded The New Albion Brewery, bringing what some referred to as “the true renaissance of American craft brewing.” Notable events like these are what eventually gave birth to the best brewpubs in Santa Rosa, making it one of the major destinations in the country for beer enthusiasts from all over the world. Brewery tours are one of the most popular attractions in Sonoma County, and the city of Santa Rosa in particular.

Up until the early 1980s, a mass-produced commodity with little or no tradition, culture or character was the favorite image of beer in the U.S. It was the ever-improving quality of beer that the small breweries that enabled a wider distribution and established popularity as well as choice. In the 1980s, the decade of the microbrewing pioneers emerged. Although industry experts refused to take them seriously, the pioneering companies appeared with a vision and passion, serving their communities a taste of old-world European traditions and full-flavored beer – all paired with what was to become a one-of-a-kind American character.

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