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On Tap

BeerOur Beer list is broken down into three categories: Standard, Occasional, and Seasonal/Specialty. To see what’s on tap now and what’s coming down the pike, just click “ON TAP NOW.” We brew in small batches, and our beer list typically changes several times a week. Standard Beers are on tap most of the time, most of the year, and the Standards near the top of the list are almost always on tap. We do our best to keep these house favorites on tap as much as we can, but as a small craft brewery dedicated to the art of brewing, we strive to balance in-house traditions with experimentation and variety.

The following is a list and description of all of the beers that we have brewed in the past and intend on brewing in the future.

Bodega Head IPA

India Pale Ale, or IPA was developed to quench the thirsts of British settlers in the East and West Indies. Our Bodega Head IPA recreates the stylistic ideas of the 1800’s. High alcohol and aggressive hop characteristics are matched with a dry malt background and finish.
7.1% ALC/VOL

Blarney Sisters’ Dry Irish Stout

This classic Dublin Stout boasts a dry, roasty, coffee-like malt character, with a touch of caramel flavor. Served Unfiltered. An outstanding example of the style, Blarney has taken home the gold from The Great American Beer Festival, The World Beer Cup, and the Real Ale Festival (cask-conditioned).
4.1% ALC/VOL

Annadel Pale Ale

Named after our favorite go-to “backyard” Hiking/MTN Biking area, this traditional English-style pale ale is anchored by Maris Otter pale malt. Imported hops are used to balance out the drink-ability- (yep, it’s a word). You don’t have to “hop across the pond” to get fresh English-style pale ale- you just have to hop over to Third Street.
5.2% ALC/VOL

Stonefly Oatmeal Stout

Rich, creamy and full bodied are words typically used to describe this classic black beer. Stonefly Oatmeal Stout features a roasty chocolate-coffee flavor and is balanced out by fresh hops grown in the Yakima Valley. Rich flavor and wonderful mouth-feel, nor-cal style.
6.4% ALC/VOL

Puddle Jumper Pale

A true American Pale Ale, light golden color with clean malt flavors, and the refreshing aroma of Simcoe hops. Medium in body, aromatic, and very hoppy.
5.7% ALC/VOL

Bombay Rouge

Sometimes called a “Red IPA”, Bombay Rouge combines the deep red color of a substantially malty ale with an IPA hopping profile. The combination creates a unique West Coast drinking experience.
6.7% ALV/VOL

American Wheat

Clean and refreshing, our American Wheat Ale is a strait shooter. A golden Wheat Ale made with Northwest 2-Row and White Wheat malts, the low hop character allows the grain flavors to dominate. American Wheat is on tap throughout the year but most frequently during the warmer months.
4.8% ALC/VOL

Stepchild Red

A deep red ale featuring malts imported from the United Kingdom. A smooth balance of imported Crystal Malts and floral hops from the U.S. define this highly quaffable ale.
5.6% ALC/VOL

Black Cat Porter

Several varieties of chocolate malt flavor this robust porter. Ours is a dark and malty version balanced with English East Kent Golding and Cascade hops. Be on the look out for the White Cat Vanilla Porter steeped with 100 vanilla beans!
5.5% ALC/VOL

Aleworks Altbier

Altbier is a German style amber ale with a firm hop bitterness. The root of the word “alt” means “old” in German- which refers to the old style of German brewing (ales) before the introduction of modern lagers. A tasty rendition of a fantastic, largely over-looked style.
5.8% ALC/VOL

Gold Standard

An English inspired Golden Ale made with all imported ingredients – Golden Promise Malt, Golden Oats, and Kent Golding hops – a light but interesting ale with subtle hop notes. A complex but user friendly session ale.
4.5% ALC/VOL

Melissa’s Cream Ale

Originally brewed for the wedding of one of our brewers (hint- the one who is married to Melissa) this crisp refreshing Cream Ale has a grainy sweet character derived from 6-Row barley and corn. Cream ale is a hybrid style ale- combining the traditional American adjunct lager ingredients with a cool ale yeast fermentation.
5.4% ALC/VOL

Hedrick & Hagan E.S.B.

The malty big brother of English style Pale Ale, English Special Bitter (and particularly H. & H. ESB) has pronounced malt and caramel flavors, and employs traditional English hops. Named after Third Street Aleworks founders Todd Hedrick and Chris Hagan- who are not (for the record) bitter or English. For those of you unfamiliar with traditional Engish Ales it should be noted that a Bitter of any variety (including ESB) is generally not particularly bitter- especially by West Coast standards. English beer nomenclature is notoriously relative and (in the case of all beers that fall into the “Bitter” category) counter-intuitive.
5.4% ALC/VOL

Jekyll’s Best Bitter

A copper colored, medium bodied English style ale. The delicate malty sweetness is nicely balanced with subtle English hops. Very smooth and drinkable, and not at all bitter- (see Hedrick and Hagan ESB).
4.8% ALC/VOL

Seasonal & Specialty
Zero Dark Thirsty (Cascadian Dark Ale)

An emerging style coming out of the Pacific Northwest, this beer is dark (but not roasted) and hoppy. Our Cascadian Dark Ale combines the pine and citrus hop profile of an IPA with lighter notes of dark chocolate and malt.
6.7% ALC/VOL

Octoberfest Marzen

In Germany, this special seasonal beer was called Marzen (March) for the month in which it was brewed. When brewing resumed again in the fall, the remaining stock of Marzen was brought out for the Octoberfest. In this way, a single style of beer came to be known by two names. Like the Octoberfest Marzen of German tradition, ours is brewed once a year, and generally comes on tap mid-October.
5.8% ALC/VOL

Cherry Springer

Fresh cherry aroma and flavor from sour cherries capture the essence of this warm weather favorite. A new spin on an old style, this highly quaffable ale has just enough tartness to balance out the sweetness. Building off experimentation with previous fruit beers such as our GABF and WBC medal winning “One Ton Blackberry”, Cherry Springer truly represents the top of its’ class. “Springer” went off-air for a while, but he’s planning a big comeback.
5.4% ALC/VOL

Brass Parachute Barley Wine

Imported English floor-malted barley is the cornerstone of this traditional ale. Named Barleywine due to its’ extremely high alcohol content, this ale was created to celebrate special occasions and seasonal holidays- particularly of the cold weather variety.
10.2% ALC/VOL

Sleeperwave Wee Heavy

A deep copper colored, malty, and full bodied ale. Very low hop flavor and aroma allow the distinctive caramel character to dominate. Smooth and warming. Like Barley Wine, Wee Heavy is a cool weather favorite.
8.1% ALC/VOL

Double Standard Double IPA

Originally brewed to commemorate our 15th Anniversary, Double Standard is a Double IPA with a very aggressive hop profile you would expect from the style, and an equally pungent hop aroma – intense but remarkably smooth. Like most “big” IPAs with abundant and complex hop aromatics, Double Standard is best enjoyed fresh off our in-house tap or as soon as you can pop that bottle or growler. The fresher the better! 9.1% ALC/VOL

Great Odin’s Beard Oat Ale

This award winning golden ale is light and refreshing with a full mouth feel from a very large quantity of oats (over 60%) giving it the “head of the gods.”
4.6% 24 IBU

Keep Calm and Saison

Saison is a Belgian-style farm house ale with a spicy and fruity flavor and a very dry finish. The complex aromas and flavors of this beer all come from the yeast, no spices are added to it. It serves a hazy golden color with notes of citrus and white pepper.
(7.1% ? 29 IBU)

Helles Lager

Helles Lager is a pale golden malt accentuated lager in the Munich style. This easy drinking lager is a brewers favorite designed to be drunk by the liter.
(4.0% / 17 IBU)

Your Mom’s an IPA

This immaturely named IPA has a complex citrus and floral aroma from a blend of Apollo, Ahtanum, and Palisade hops and is light colored with a full mouth-feel from a large quantity of Wheat.
7.2% 57 IBU

Southern Hiemisphere IPA

The malt and hops is this IPA both come from South of the Equator. Chilean Malt and New Zealand and Australian Hops give the beer a tropical fruit and citrus aroma and a dry finish
7.6% 69 IBU

Taylor Mountain Rye IPA

This IPA has a spicy rye character from an abnormally high quantity (40%) of malted rye and a citrus hop character from a blend of Citra, Simcoe and Chinook hops. It is named after a popular County park known for hiking and disc golf.
6.33% 66 IBU

Hopocrisy Imperial IPA

Originally brewed to celebrate our 19th Anniversary, this sexy hopped IPA is full of mango, grapefruit and other citrus aromas. This beer provides a juicy hop flavor and a smooth finish.

Special Beer Treatments

At Third Street Aleworks, in addition to all of the beers listed above (and t.b.d. future beers) we also like to mix things up with the introduction of Nitrogen and Cask Conditioning of certain Ales.

Nitrogen Draught Beers

In some cases, Nitrogen gas is used to dispense ales in addition to carbon dioxide. The addition of nitrogen creates smaller, tighter bubbles and a creamy texture/softer mouth-feel. The technique has gained notoriety in Ireland in conjunction with Guiness Stout. Our own Blarney Sisters’ Dry Irish Stout is usually available on Nitrogen, and occasionally we use the Nitrogen treatment with other beers as well.

Cask Conditioned Beers

Extra care is taken to create and dispense our traditional Cask beer. Cask Conditioned beers are allowed to go through a secondary fermentation in small casks “firkins”, developing natural carbonation inside the firkin without the use of extraneous carbonation or modern serving techniques that carbonate and “push” beer with compressed CO2. We serve our cask beers in the traditional English style, hand pumped through a beer engine at cellar temperature: 48-52 degrees fahrenheit. The cask process imparts lower levels of carbonation, which elevates malt flavors, and gives the beer a unique character and softer mouth feel. All fresh beer is perishable of course, but Cask Conditioned beer is highly perishable and each firkin is typically at it’s peak for just a few days- so we try to turn them out quickly, and they usually go pretty fast- still, we usually have 2 cask offerings on tap. Third Street Aleworks was one of the first breweries in California to bring back the traditional technique of cask conditioning, and we have been practicing the art for almost two decades. Try one out sometime at the bar- it’s like a beer lovers’ time machine.