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Tips for Choosing the Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

When selecting a restaurant for a meet up with friends or a date, it’s important you know more about the selection process and how to choose that ideal venue for the occasion. Our team at Third Street Aleworks has great experience in the culinary industry and in this new post, we’re highlighting our tips for…
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The Trend of Growing Breweries in Santa Rosa and Across the Country

When you examine the trend of craft brewing, you’ll find that companies across the country are expanding significantly. The trend is partly the result of the high demand for new beer flavors and options and also partly the result of the dissemination of knowledge on beer making. Our team at Third Street Ale represents one…
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How to Find the Best Restaurants in Santa Rosa

Making sure you choose the best restaurants for your events in Santa Rosa can ensure that the event is successful and lives long in the memory. But what steps can you take to ensure this success? We’ll present our guide on how to find the best restaurants in Santa Rosa, in this latest post. Look…
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What You Should Expect When Trying Craft Beers at Restaurants in Santa Rosa

Craft beers are now one of the leading options for those visiting restaurants in Santa Rosa. They come in a variety of flavor profiles and brewing styles and are offered alongside a full range of food options. But it’s important to know what you can expect from local restaurants in Santa Rosa, and so within…
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