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32 OZ CANS – Filled To Order!

32 OZ CANS – Filled To Order!


What the what?!?! Yes- you did see that right – we’re canning to order at the bar… Here’s how it works. Step 1: You ask your food server or bartender to fill you a 32 OZ can of any beer we have on tap. Step 2: We fill you a 32OZ can of that beer, seal it, and label it. That’s it… Fresh beer – to order – to go – in a can – what a concept! “Why cans to order” you say? Well, let’s say you just had a pint of beer at the pub and you enjoy it- a lot – so much that you want to take it home with you. Maybe it’s a “one off” beer that we don’t bottle? Maybe you forgot to bring your growler? Maybe you’re going on a camping trip or a beach trip (or any place really) where glass or growlers are less than ideal? Maybe your friend is coming to town in two weeks and you want to make sure she has an opportunity to try your absolute favorite beer, in your living room, and poured (into a glass of your choosing) out of a sleek, aluminum, mind-blowingly awesome, oxygen-free vessel? Or maybe you just like giant cans? Well, not to fear – the “CROWLER” is here. Part can, part… well, ok, actually it’s just a really big can. 32 OZ to be precise. Filled to order. At the bar. Available Now. Most beers are available for $7/can. Cheers!

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