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Huge congratulations are in order for the brew crew: 2 medals at the G.A.B.F.! Wow. Big props to Brewmaster Randy Gremp, and Asst. Brewer Tyler Laverty (who was in Denver to talk up the beers and pick up the hardware). “Bombay Rouge” took the bronze medal in the category of “Imperial Red Ale”, and “Blarney Sisters’” took the gold medal in the category of “Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout”. We are so excited to have been recognized for these fantastic beers!

“Bombay Rouge” – which is alternatively known as a “Red IPA” and an “India Red Ale” took the bronze in the category of “Imperial Red Ale”- so now we have another excellent descriptor! which is nice. We weren’t positive that it fit into the category, but we’re glad that the judges thought it did! This is the first major award for Bombay Rouge, which is one of our two “year-round” bottled beers- currently available in 22oz bottles from San Francisco to Mendocino County. Our other year-round bottled beer is Puddle Jumper Pale Ale (which won the gold medal at the G.A.B.F. in 2010 in the American Pale Ale category). It’s a huge honor that both of our primary bottled beers have now been honored with medals at the Great American Beer Festival!

“Blarney Sisters’ Dry Irish Stout” took the gold medal in the category of “Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout” for the 4th (yes 4th) time since 2002. Blarney Sisters’ has won a total of 7 medals from the G.A.B.F. since 2002, as well as a Silver and 3 Gold Awards from the biennial World Beer Cup in the same category. The sheer number of combined G.A.B.F. and W.B.C. awards for Blarney Sisters’ makes it arguably the most critically acclaimed Dry Irish Stout west of Dublin. No joke. At this point I feel like we have to write a song about it or something… “Blarney” is on tap nearly every day at the pub… if you haven’t tried it before, swing by and check it out!

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  1. Cornelia says:

    yeah but if we trade barney for porcello, there is plenty of talent at that position we could plug into at the minor league le;&0e#823lvnot sure if any of them are quite ready yet, but with a rebuilding year thats where you find out what youve got…

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