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New Beer: Leroy Brown (Ale)

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Leroy Brown Ale – Sample one today!
What is an American Brown Ale? Well… like all beer styles, codified (or not) it’s always changing and developing- a work in progress… Our take on an American Brown Ale is an ale with rich toasty complex malt flavors and enough hop character to keep it balanced and finishing clean. This is not a Newcastle… A blend of seven different malts gives this beer the “brown” flavors of toasted dark bread and roasted nuts, but not the sweet caramel flavor of English brown ales. The hop flavor and aroma comes from Apollo, Nugget, and Centennial and is bumped up by dry hopping with Apollo. We think its a great addition to the line-up and a pretty unique offering. We hope you agree! 5.4% ABV / 37 IBU

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