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Grapefruit Puddle Jumper – Oh It’s on!

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Yes – that’s right – Grapefruit Puddle Jumper! This beer has confirmed our long held suspicion that the pairing of grapefruit and our Simcoe centric “Puddle Jumper Pale Ale” would be a natural. It really is a great fit- the piney/citrusy (one might even say grapefruity) notes of Simcoe hops meld fantastically and really seem to intensify the aromatic and acidic intensity of the grapefruit flavor. Take a sip, wait a minute- a full minute – before you take your next sip… the finish really lingers and builds… very tasty… crisp and refreshing. If you’re skeptical about “fruit beers”, that’s fine, but do yourself a favor and leave your skepticism at home for a couple hours, head over to the pub, and try out this beer for yourself… you’re likely in for a pleasant surprise. For our first batch of Grapefruit Puddle Jumper we used our standard Puddle Jumper base, and 60 organic grapefruit (zested and juiced in the brewery just prior to steeping). Cheers!

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