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20th Anniversary Pale Ale – on tap now!

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20 Yr Beer
20 years- wow! We want to thank all of our amazing staff (especially the long suffering ones- jk) and of course big thanks to all of our awesome customers for helping us reach this major milestone… what a long strange trip it’s been! We celebrated our 20th Anniversary on March 8th with a big party (of course)… but we also celebrated by releasing a brand new- and if I don’t say so myself- quite exceptional beer: aptly named “20th Anniversary Pale Ale”. “TAPA” (as it is never referred to by anyone) has an intense citrus flavor and aroma that is balanced by a medium malt body. First Wort hopping, Hop Bursting, an a 1 lb/barrel dry hop rate give this beer its big hop flavor. Citra is the star, and the Citra hops are supported and well complimented by Dr. Rudi, Palisade, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. The base is a blend of Irish Ale and Irish Stout malts with a light toasty malt sweetness from four specialty malts. 6.4% ABV / 37 IBU. Enjoy!
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